“An American Comedy”

Glass Houses is an ironic/satiric transparency of contemporary American values, illusions, and behavior. It examines the struggle for an ideal appearance of normality within “the average American home.”
Set in the small town environment of Northfield, Minnesota, a young mother and her son have returned to her parents’ home following a divorce. The ex-husband is expected for his “visitation,” and the grandparents of the child in question overly oppose “the S.O.B.’s” custody claims, while their own son, a sexually confused, drug dealing-punk-rocker fills out the perfect family portrait.

On beautiful Sunday morning in the early spring, the truth emerges. Why were Barb’s parents married in the first place? How was her mom ever able to put up with her dad, and who wears the pants in the family anyway? How can Barbara and her brother be so different? Should her son ever be left in the custody of his “narcistic-egotist” of a “biological father” Ken? Will Barbara’s young brother ever out grow his sibling rivalry, and what after all will the neighbors think?
It’s all a part of “life in these United States,” as American as second mortgages, retail credit, and foreign-made cars.