Ulterior Motives

seeks to address basic issues of aesthetics with respect to the visual art in a manner that is broadly accessible to a general audience. The piece both makes use of well-known examples of abstract art as a way to demonstrate their expressive use of form and offers a demonstration of interpretative artistic analysis. At the same time, if functions as an entertainment which does not abandon plot in an effort to convey a level of intellectual content.

Furthermore, Ulterior Motives explores the dynamic between a young female art gallery owner and hired helper who knows more than he is initially willing to let on, both about art and the relationship between the gallery owner and her ” older” husband. When ” confronted with the truth,” each respond differently, ulimately revealing that, in art as well as in life, pretexts can only be maintained for a limited amount of time.” Eventually the truth just starts to leak out and the whole elaborate, grand illusion … begins to wear just a bit thin.”